Who we are

Mandisa Foundation Trust is a registered organisation for volunteers founded on the 16th of June 2016. Operating in Zimbabwe, we seek to combat hunger and poverty, and improve the lives of the disadvantaged by fostering self-sustenance through our projects. We believe that investing in youths and equipping them with the necessary tools to empower themselves are some of the valuable building blocks of a thriving community.

Teamwork, love, forward thinking, diligence, communication, accountability, and transparency guide our work.

Logo rationale

Our logo is inspired by the Andinkra symbol called “Kokuromotie” or thumb; a symbol of cooperation, participation, teamwork, indispensability and harmony. A thumbs up is an approval and, as a whole, this symbol signifies our appreciation of your participation and cooperation in making the world a better place.


Credit: Tapiwanashe Sebastian Garikayi @sebgarrydesign.co